Dharma bums club


Mindful living is what we’re about,
keeping the dharma wheel turning.

 Las Fronteras provides a natural
environment for dharma shed meditation,

tai chi
and related activities. dharma 
shed provides a venue
for dharma bums
arts and rambling.
dharma bums club
support ongoing dharma
shed activities.
Gatherings of family and
 our dharma teachers, artists and
 amongst them, offering  to
their special gifts. Which is
how it works
: dharma bums
contribute in
various ways, our lives are
enriched by
these gatherings with family and friends.

 dharma bums club annual membership
cards now available at dharma shed.

Anyone interested in participating
in tai chi,
yoga, meditation or mountain rambling,

leave name and contact in book on bar.
Non-member visitors,
please leave
name and email contact in visitors book on
bar. Please leave cellphones, cameras and
similar in your car or at home. Recording
or photographs by arrangement only.

Blessings to our dharma bums family and
friends, may you be healthy and happy,
at peace with yourself and the world.