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Here we go again… or maybe not… what
it is when dbc gigs can only happen in level one
and there be  no flood or other disaster. Check
dharma shed blog for cancellations & updates.
>> Heads up… seems there will be no return
to level one & performers and attendees will
need to present whatever proof of vaccination
new regulations require to be at dbc concerts.


These dbc gigs will not be happening… looking
reschedule gigs later in dbc live music season.

≡  O d E S S A  ≡

Saturday, September 25
Show Cancelled

More: http://facebook.com/OdESSAmusic.net/ 


Terror of  the Deep

Cancelled last summer due to lock down… surely
not twice… but yes….

Friday, October 15
Show Cancelled

More: http://facebook.com/terrorofthedeep


J a n  P r e s t o n
Piano boogie woman

Saturday, October 23
Show Cancelled


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