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Miles Calder
& The Rumours

Great songs, great sounds, Miles Calder
& The Rumours always rise to the occasion
live at dbc… sure to be a hot night with
great listening and some heart to feet
hip shaking. Original songs in the
Americana styles of  ’70s recordings
by likes of The Band, Neil Young,
Dylan, Little Feat, Van Morrison
& later on, Ryan Adams et al. Line
up for this dbc house rockin’ gig be:
Miles Calder – guitar &  vocals, Nick
– drums, SteveMoodie – bass,
Finn Johansson – guitar & vocals,
Dayle Jellyman – organ. Be there,
celebrate… end of vintage, surviving
storms & quakes, joys of friends and
family, the wonderful array of dharma
bum performers who make their way up
or down over burdened Highway 63
to revisit Las Fronteras for heart to
heart  dbc whanau reunions.

Saturday, May 27
Show starts 8pm

Open 7pm, hang out, 2017 dbc sign up
More: http://milescalder.com


Winter Break

Time to gather our wits… do at least
some of what needs to be done around
Las Fronteras, keep it all happening.









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